Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Solutions from Oslo’s Cutting-Edge Tech Scene

Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Solutions from Oslo’s Cutting-Edge Tech Scene

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is not just a hub for natural beauty and rich culture. It’s also the birthplace of many significant players in the mobile industry — particularly in the realm of software development and mobile applications. The city boasts an impressive lineup of innovative companies that have made major strides in their respective fields, including mobile payments, digital media, education technology, and web development.

These companies prove that the Scandinavian country is more than just fjords and the Northern Lights — it’s also a flourishing enclave for technological innovation. What’s more interesting is that these enterprises have diverse focuses and different target markets, proving how they are tapping into various consumer needs and wants.

From groundbreaking web browsers to game-based learning platforms and second-hand shopping apps, the mobile industry in Oslo, Norway, is teeming with variety and inventiveness. Read on to learn about each of the companies shaking up the mobile landscape in the heart of Norway.


Founded by Geir Ivarsøy and Jon S. von Tetzchner, Opera has established itself as a leading web browser for both mobile and desktop operating systems. Having over 350 million users worldwide, Opera stands out with its variety of services in Mobile Internet and Search, Mobile Payments and Remittances, Data Compression, and Artificial Intelligence. Based in Oslo, Norway, the company continuously innovates and offers a seamless browser experience for its extensive user base.


reMarkable is a tech startup specializing in consumer electronics and digital media. Found in 2013 by inventor Magnus Wanberg, the company offers a paper tablet as a replacement for traditional notebooks and printed documents. This innovative solution enhances productivity and reduces paper waste, reflecting the company’s commitment to a more sustainable future.


Kahoot! was founded by Alf Inge Wang, Asmund Furuseth, Jamie Brooker, and Johan Brand back in 2012. Making learning fun, Kahoot! has developed a game-based learning platform for all subjects and age groups. It offers educators a unique way to involve students in learning and has quickly garnered a reputation globally for redefining the education experience.


Established by Axel Franck Næss and Eirik Frøyland Rime, Tise is a fast-evolving software company that combines Instagram and Craigslist in its innovative app selling and discovering second-hand fashion, interior, and furniture. With sustainability at its core, Tise breaks down the barriers to selling second-hand items and promotes the green movement.


With co-founders Joakim Solberg and Kim Humborstad, Zwipe is pioneering the next generation of contactless payments. The brand offers biometric payment cards and wearables that allow consumers to authorize transactions with their fingerprints while preserving privacy. Their advanced solutions address the hygiene and data theft complexities associated with traditional authentication methods.

Settle Group

Founded by Daniel Döderlein, Settle Group is a fintech company credited with inventing mobile payments in the Nordics. Following the sale of a license for its technology to leading Norwegian banks, the company now internationalizes its technology as Settle network, enabling people and businesses to manage their money and grow their business using a mobile payment app.

Neptune Software

Neptune Software is a rapid application development platform founded by Andreas Grydeland Sulejewski, Njal Stabell, and Ole-Andre Haugen. Their primary mission is to empower IT departments, and their app development platform Neptune DXP serves as an efficient toolset for IT professionals.


Timely, founded by Mathias Mikkelsen, has achieved global recognition as the world’s first AI-powered time tracking and planning tool. Unlike other apps that focus on task-specific timing, Timely starts with a more holistic view of the work week, estimating time for projects and Schedule accordingly.

Opera Software AS

Under the leadership of founders Geir Ivarsøy, Jon S. von Tetzchner, and Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, Opera Software AS is truly a web innovator on a global scale. With a user base in the hundreds of millions seeking a premium internet experience, the company has grown to include PC and mobile browsers, the newsreader Opera News, and apps dedicated to gaming, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and classifieds.


Founded by David Huerva, Marc Bigas, and Victor Oliva, Skitude provides a digital platform that connects skiers and mountain enthusiasts, offering convenience, safety, and fun in every ski resort and mountain destination. Its platform not only connects resorts and brands with existing and potential customers but also makes each skiing experience all the more enriching.


Co-founded by Anders Lassen, Eike Rösner, Espen Bjarnø, and Jeremy Titus, Oslo-based Movi is an AI-powered information technology company that focuses on delivering high-quality video content. This innovative company is optimizing content distribution on a global scale, making it possible to access high-definition video services akin to Netflix-grade quality.

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