Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Software Innovations from Sydney’s Tech Scene

Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Software Innovations from Sydney’s Tech Scene

The thriving mobile development industry in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia is home to a rich array of companies that are making an impact in the mobile domain. Each brings a unique perspective and set of talents to the table, bestowing diversity and innovation within the region’s tech industry. Below we highlight several of these companies and offer a peek into their mission, founders, and location.

Whether they serve the need for robust web development, offer smart solutions for mobile payments or focus on creating connected platforms that optimise personal health and wellness, these companies are shaping the future of mobile apps and software in Australia. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

This initiation is part of a series that aims to highlight mobile industry companies headquartered in Sydney, offering an insight into their offerings, their past performance, and their future agenda.

Zcodia Technologies

Zcodia Technologies is a global software development company that was founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2008 by Mithun Dev and Raghulan Gowthaman. They specialise in Machine Learning, Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Development. The company operates out of Australia, USA, Cameroon and India, providing an array of services including Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, UI/UX, E-Commerce, Machine Learning, Chatbot Development, Business Consulting, IT Outsourcing, and Software Consulting Services.
Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more.


Based in North Sydney, Zenbly is a mission-driven tech company focused on organising the world’s personal health data. Founded by John Paul Rahme, Zenbly is working to create a mutually beneficial exchange between individuals and third parties. Their ecosystem of connected platforms includes a Business Management platform, Consumer Application, Staffing Application, and the associated payments through this ecosystem. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Agate is new-age decentralised blockchain and comprehensive crypto infrastructure for everyday banking and merchant transactions. Founded by Ali Dorri and Hamed Taghvaei, Agate has introduced the highest transaction speed on the market with substantially low transaction fees. The infrastructure includes a user-facing app, smartbot-AI optimal trading, a merchant-facing app, an API platform, and more.


vtalk is a telecommunications company providing high-quality VoIP audio and video telephony products, like the full-featured plug-and-play office phone system and the vtalk phone. Founded by Jeremy Bogan, vtalk is based in North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Wejugo, introduced by Mike Welling, is an adventure platform for planning, sharing and receiving hyper-local adventure recommendations. Based in North Sydney, Wejugo is all about maps, itinerary management, topography, and location tracking. Check their latest updates on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Yatango Mobile

Yatango Mobile is a social telecommunications platform empowering customers with better deals on their mobile. Located in North Sydney, they offer an online platform that enables customers to find and purchase its products and services. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

CN Global

Based in North Sydney, CN Global specialises in CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Development. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Optergy provides a host of solutions for businesses and communities, focusing on optimising buildings for a healthier, smarter and more productive environment. They offer top-tier yet user-friendly solutions. More about them can be found on LinkedIn.

Virgin Mobile Australia

Virgin Mobile Australia is a telecommunications company offering mobile phones, phone plans, and mobile broadband services. They have an online platform for customers to find and purchase their offerings. Check them on Facebook and Twitter.


Founded by Geoff Kendall and Giuseppe Porcelli, ezidox™ facilitates businesses with a document collection and management system, streamlining document-intensive transactions with one or more third parties. More details can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Based in North Sydney, Quixxi is a leading tech company offering comprehensive solutions using artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and other advanced technologies. Founders Aatral Arasu, Giuseppe Porcelli, and Peter Hewett aims to bring a robust change in the field of IT.

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