Spotlight on Houston-based Leapdroid’s Innovative App Development Solutions


Despite being notably famous for space explorations, Houston, Texas, is becoming increasingly recognized in the tech world thanks to the burgeoning community of innovative app companies calling it home. Fueled by the unique blend of industry demand, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a supportive tech ecosystem, Houston is a exciting tech hub, and it’s the place where many app-based companies are rising to the fore. More than just ordinary corporations, these companies are part of multiple sectors, from asset management, logistics, marketing, to digital dating and game wagering, integrating mobile applications in their operations.

In the competitive app industry, there are companies that stand out due to their innovative approach and transformative solutions. In this article, we are going to delve into a list of Apps companies headquartered in Houston and exploring the wonders they are effecting in the tech world.

These firms are using sophisticated techniques, employing the best talent while leveraging modernized automation. Now, it’s time to highlight these companies and their contributions to the thriving app industry in Houston, Texas.


Innovapptive is at the forefront of providing a connected workforce platform designed to digitally connect the industrial workforce, executives, and back office, thus minimizing plant outages and improving operational excellence. Founded by Hari Kamineni and Sundeep Ravande, the company recently closed a series A Fund Raise of $16.3M with Tiger Global Management. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @innovapptive.

Tech Chain Software – TRX

The Houston-based startup Tech Chain Software – TRX, founded by Mery Ramirez, Shahzad Malik, and Telha Ghanchi, is a solution provider providing various logistics and transportation solutions. It uses automation, software, and AI to improve 3PL activities and uphold high safety standards. You can interact with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @ResqTRX.


Madison Long and Simone May founded Clutch in 2020 as a digital marketplace that connects creators with small businesses and national brands requiring digital marketing services. They pride themselves on being people-friendly, thereby ensuring creators thrive in their respective areas. You can find Clutch on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @thatsclutch_com.

Hot Shot Final Mile

Hot Shot Final Mile is a platform company disrupting the delivery industry by facilitating direct relations between shippers and independent professional drivers. Founded by Jay Costales, John Oren, and Tobias Read, the company is genuinely hot on the final mile. You can find them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Kathleen Jennings in 2013, BeautyNow provides a mobile application that helps users easily find and book services of salons and spas in real time. Their platform allows customers to follow their preferred salons and spas. You can find them on Facebook, and on Twitter as @beautynowapp.


Founded by Emmanuel Joel, Rescunomics is a team of dedicated professionals offering innovative solutions to global safety pain points. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and can be found on LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @rescunomics.


QuiGig, founded by Mir Emad Mousavi, connects local clients with top service professionals. They use streamlined marketing, sales, recruitment, and operations technology to help service professionals grow and manage their businesses. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @QuiGig.


Opvizor, founded by Dennis Zimmer, is a software solution provider delivering transparency across the virtual and physical IT infrastructure. Their pattern recognition platform helps predict and prevent data center related issues. Check their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @opvizor.


6DGRS is a modern dating platform that simplifies the process of meeting other singles through personal circles via its unique verification and social network integration. The app operates from the heart of Houston, Texas.

WagerLab – Social Sports Betting

WagerLab, founded by William Labanowski, offers an easy-to-use peer-to-peer social sports betting app that does not involve any monetary transfers. The app also includes a wide range of topics like TV shows, trending news, and more. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @WagerLabApp.


MeetEdgar, founded by Laura Roeder, is a mobile application software designed for sorting, storing, and automating social media status updates. The company helps social media managers, content marketers, by offering a fully automated social media management tool. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter as @meetedgar.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, these companies listed above have successfully positioned themselves at the forefront of the app industry in Houston. With innovation at the heart of their operations, these companies continue to democratize technology and make a significant impact in their respective industries.


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