Leapdroid: Pioneering Software Innovation from Brentwood, Tennessee

Leapdroid: Pioneering Software Innovation from Brentwood, Tennessee


The world of software development and tech startups is a fast-paced, innovative industry. Many states in America are home to a growing concentration of tech companies, and Tennessee is no exception. One city in particular is attracting many software development companies, Brentwood, Tennessee. Strategically located with a robust business infrastructure and access to a well-educated workforce, Brentwood is becoming the unlikely hub for tech innovation in the Volunteer State.

From companies focusing on healthcare technology and data management solutions, to those addressing business processes and operational management – the diversity in Brentwood’s tech scene is remarkable. Pioneering an array of advancements in software development for various sectors, these companies are continuously enhancing their products to secure a competitive edge, benefiting organizations across the globe through their innovative concepts and solutions.

The spirited software landscape of Brentwood is brimming with potential. Here, we will provide a glance at some of the most intriguing software companies that call this Tennessee city home. Promising innovation and unique solutions, these companies are worth watching.


EvidenceCare specializes in Electronic Health Record (EHR) and provides a clinical decision support system (CDSS) aimed at delivering verifiable ROI. It was founded by Brian Fengler and James Jamieson in response to barriers faced in the field of emergency medicine. Through the use of advanced CDSS technology, EvidenceCare delivers customized, interactive, curated guidance directly into the clinician’s care process, ultimately enhancing healthcare quality and efficiency. Connect with EvidenceCare on Twitter as @EvidenceCare or LinkedIn here.


The Virsys12, a consulting firm launched by Tammy Hawes, offers a distinctive blend of cloud computing SaaS technologies aimed at transforming healthcare workflows. With its focus on solving problems and making the complex simple, this company provides operational platform implementation, integrations, custom applications and technology strategies. Visit Virsys12’s Facebook page and LinkedIn profile to learn more.


Web-based contract and vendor management platform, Ncontracts was conceived by Michael Berman. It provides businesses with the means to optimize contract data, thereby significantly boosting profits. Through employing skilled paralegals to analyze and organize complex contracts, Ncontracts delivers accurate, efficient, controlled, and highly profitable solutions. Follow Ncontracts on Facebook here or connect on LinkedIn here.

Clarus Care

Clarus Care, spearheaded by Steven Elliott, develops enhanced physician/patient after-hour communication tools. Clarus OnCall, the platform developed by Clarus Care, securely documents patient emergencies after-hours and transcribes the message directly to a physician’s smartphone, tablet, or email. Find them on LinkedIn here.

Simplify ASC

Simplify ASC centralizes clinical and operational software for ambulatory surgery centers, providing comprehensive solutions that improve decision-making efficiency. This cloud-based, fully-integrated platform is a critical tool in the ASC market. Connect with them on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

ReDoc Software

ReDoc Software, led by Gerry Stone, delivers documentation and management solutions specifically designed for Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), and Speech-Language Pathology (SLP). ReDoc makes documentation simple while facilitating optimal reimbursement and compliance. Throughout its decades in the industry, it continues to lead in therapy documentation and management solutions. Find ReDoc on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

Jeevan Technologies

Founded by Nepoleon Duraisamy, Jeevan Technologies is an IT solutions company offering a spectrum of services from software development, IT outsourcing services, and business process outsourcing. With its value-building business goals and innovative use of technology, it guarantees strong business transformation for its clients. Jeevan Technologies’ Facebook page is here and their LinkedIn profile can be accessed here.


G2Lytics, founded by Ed Braswell, offers a unique artificial intelligence analytics engine aimed to assist revenue agencies.G2Lytics aids in assessing companies’ compliance with taxes and tariffs, enabling fairer implementation of tax regimes and closing the tax gaps for governments around the globe. More about the company can be found on its LinkedIn profile.


Started by Felipe Navio, Entrada, Inc. creates software for clinical documentation automation and data exchange in diverse healthcare settings. Utilized in ambulatory clinics, surgery centres, and hospitals, the software streamlines processes and improves efficiency.

Fidelis Ideas

John Kepley launched Fidelis Ideas with the focus on gamifying consumer engagement. The company leverages SaaS mobile products to enhance customer experiences in the hospitality, healthcare, and retail space. Their first mobile application, LENA, gamifies travel by geofencing the city visitors are touring and curating entertainment options based on their preferences. Learn more on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


DBSync is the brainchild of Rajeev Gupta. As a leader in integration services, DBSync provides cloud-based solutions for on-demand and on-premise applications. DBSync is praised for its affordability and customization capabilities in providing seamless integration between various platforms. You can connect with DBSync on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

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