Leapdroid: Pioneering Software Innovation from Brescia, Lombardia, Italy

Located in Northern Italy and buried in rich Lombardian soil is the city of Brescia, a hub of technological innovation and development of all kinds. The city thrives with businesses that fuel the global trend towards digital transition and keep pushing the boundaries of their industries. The companies based here are known for their competency in different fields like finance, E-commerce, AI, and other aspects of information technology. This article focuses on a handful of companies from Brescia that are making exceptional contributions to the tech world.

The companies discussed range from those working on non-traditional forms of currency like Bitcoin, to those focusing on e-commerce, mobile apps, and blockchain technologies, among others. Each of these businesses is contributing to the evolving landscape in their specific industries, trailblazing and setting new trends in the process. Let us take a look at a few of these pioneers and their undertakings.

Here are some of the most influential software companies based in Brescia, giving us a look into their operations, founders, and significant contributions to their industries.

Retail Applications

Founded by Alessandro Tiretta, Retail Applications is a software company that creates innovative e-commerce and IT solutions. They specialize in developing commerce-assisted applications for mobile devices, making it easier and more convenient for users to navigate the world of online shopping. Connect with them on Linkedin.

PiQ2 Srl

Operating in the industrial software sector, PiQ2 Srl develops market simulations for the die casting process. Their vision is to make simulation technology an asset to the business, not a luxury. Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.


ELI WMS, founded by Luigi and Luisa Franceschetti, is an independent SaaS solution for warehouse management. Their software integrates with existing hardware, reducing overheads and increasing shipping efficiency. Join their professional network on Linkedin.


Founded by Dario Melpignano, Neosperience leverages artificial intelligence to power its revolutionary software platform, Neosperience Cloud. Neosperience Cloud offers tailored experiences for customers, understanding and engaging with each client in a manner that increases the brand’s value and sales margins. Join their online community on Facebook and Linkedin.

Sme.UP Group

Sme.UP Group is an information services company that provides IT solutions to businesses, helping them streamline their operations. Find them on Facebook and Linkedin.


Founded by Sebastiano Valentini, Pelrio uses machine learning and financial modeling to provide small businesses with real-time cash flow forecast and automated expense control. Check them out on Facebook and Linkedin.

MPS Monitor

Founded in Milan in 2010, MPS Monitor specializes in providing Managed Print Services monitoring software. Their experienced team of IT professionals has helped the company become a leading resource in the field of professional office copying and printing. Connect with them on Linkedin.


Ocs is an IT consulting firm with a strong focus on software development and solutions. You can find more about their wide array of services on their Linkedin page.

Bitcoin People

Bitcoin People is a software house that focuses on non-custodial bitcoin-related software. Apart from providing consulting services, they’re shaping the future of digital transactions with their innovative blockchain technologies. Check out their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Under the astute leadership of founder Giuseppe Capoferri, Gulliver specializes in developing mobile apps with a specific focus on IoT, AI, and blockchain technologies. They offer ready-to-use mobile solutions for businesses and the B2C market. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Scaling Parrots

Scaling Parrots, a consulting and development firm, is helping companies scale their business using Blockchain technology. Their services are at the forefront of digital innovation, reshaping the industry standards. Cumulate with them on Facebook and Linkedin.

In conclusion, the dynamic city of Brescia is home to many pioneering software companies pushing the boundaries and setting new trends in the tech world. These companies offer a wide range of services and develop innovative products, showcasing the vibrant tech landscape that Brescia, Lombardia, Italy boasts.

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