Leapdroid: San Diego’s Innovating Contribution to Online Portal Technology

Leapdroid: San Diego’s Innovating Contribution to Online Portal Technology

Online portals have transformed the way we access services, connect with people, and gather information. Ranging from healthcare to lifestyle, these digital platforms provide convenience, connectivity, and a wealth of knowledge to the users. San Diego, California has emerged as a hub of such innovative companies. In this hub, we explore ten companies that are making significant strides in the online portal industry.

Whether it’s about streamlining healthcare processes, providing in-depth information about consumer goods, or creating communities of like-minded individuals, these companies are redefining the digital landscape. Through advanced technology, intuitive user interfaces, and comprehensive databases, they aim to improve user experience and meet diverse needs.

It’s noteworthy to recognize that these companies have affirmed their place in this competitive and digital-forward market, carving a niche for themselves while contributing to the technological advancements in their respective sectors. Let’s delve in to learn more about these companies:


Founded by Raluan Soltero and Robert Pollack, Supramed operates in the Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Care, Online Portals, and Software industry. This web-based medical recordkeeping and office management program focuses on the needs of private practice surgeons. The platform offers secure storage and management of patient information and aids in simplifying various healthcare procedures.


Fragrantica, an independent company founded by Elena Knezhevich and Zoran Knezevic, is an online encyclopedia of perfumes. The platform informs readers about new perfume launches, famous fragrances, and less-known scents in twelve languages.


Founded by Arta Motadel, Biotix is a leading manufacturer of laboratory consumables and liquid handling solutions. The company has developed over 100 innovative new products, supported by 30 patent submissions, to serve life science, clinical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology laboratories.

Luth Research

Roseanne Luth founded Luth Research in 1977. This leader in market research has combined traditional methods with innovative technology to provide wide range of analytical and consulting services.

OneVigor Inc

Founded by Magnus Sorlander, OneVigor Inc aspires to create a worldwide digital media ecosystem and community where everyone can share their content and stories.


With founders Alex Cullen, Carlos Becerra, and Will Cullen at the helm, Drinkfly offers alcohol and wine delivery at their customers’ doorstep.

Maud’s Coffee & Tea

Maud’s Coffee & Tea is a well-known provider of single-serve pods for dozens of coffee roasters and brands.


FranChimp operates in the Online Portals and Database industry, offering services in San Diego, California, United States.

MFI Medical

Operating in the E-commerce, Health Care, Medical, Medical Device, and Online Portals sectors, MFI Medical is headquartered in San Diego, California, United States.

Gamer Grub

Gamer Grub combines taste with a proprietary blend of essential vitamins and neurotransmitters to support performance. Their products are available in North America and parts of Europe.


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