Leapdroid: Pioneering Web Development in Santiago’s Tech Industry Landscape

Leapdroid: Pioneering Web Development in Santiago’s Tech Industry Landscape

Welcome to this edition of Leapdroid, an ongoing feature on web development companies headquartered in Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile. The thriving tech industry of the region has given rise to several innovative and diverse companies, some of which we will explore in depth today. From digital communications in early education, to advanced web and mobile application development and data solutions, these companies are accomplishing great things globally from their base in Santiago.

Each company we will spotlight is a significant player in their respective industry, and comes with a rich tapestry of individual stories of founders, teams, and the often transformative technology solutions they are creating. We will provide company bios and links to learn more about their unique contributions to the fields of web development and the broader tech industry. Whether just emerging or already established, these companies embody the heart of the tech landscape.

Through dedicated teams, innovative products, and a shared passion for enhancing digital experiences, these standout companies demonstrate the multifaceted aspects of web development. We invite you to explore and engage with each one to see how they’re shaping the future of technology from Santiago.


Co-founded by Ariel Matus and Hernan Schmidt, Bambinotes is a platform enhancing communication in early education. This platform provides private communication for preschools to improve their interaction with families. The company aims to build a strong connection between the educational institution, the families, and the children in their first stage of education.

Links: @go_familink, Facebook, and Linkedin


CottonTracks, founded by Hadrien Raffalli, Julien Deveaux, Raphaël Korach, and Raphaël Moutard, actively organizes your digital footprint. Their browser extension replaces typical web browser histories and bookmarks with a system that privately records the user’s internet consumption and arranges it in an organized and comprehensive manner.

Links: @cottonTracks, Facebook, and Linkedin


At Reign, technology is not just a tool, it’s their kingdom. With a focus on digital transformation, they bring ideas to life through the development of web and mobile applications. Since 2015, Reign has been assisting clients worldwide with their digital needs.

Links: Linkedin


Kunder is a company specializing in web development with stylistic flair. They operate primarily in the banking sector, providing sleek and efficient web development and UX design for mobile applications.

Links: @kunder_cl, Facebook, and Linkedin


Bligoo, founded by Paolo Colonnello and Álvaro Portugal Cifuentes, is a web-based platform that offers a space for users to create various types of websites, from portals to blogs. The company thus opens up virtual opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

Links: @bligoo


Aurous provides consulting services and specializes in digital marketing and web development.

Links: Facebook and Linkedin


Arkhotech is a company offering cloud data services and web development solutions, with a focus on information technology and software.

Links: @arkhotech and Linkedin


2Brains is an information technology company focused on developing mobile and web applications. They specialize in UX design for web apps.

Links: @2brainscl, Facebook, and Linkedin


Nubatech is a company specializing in network security, professional services, risk management, and web development. They are especially involved in improving security in the financial sector in several countries.

Links: @nubatech and Linkedin

Garage Labs

By founders Alejandro Soto, Daniel Vargas, José Burdiles and Martin Ramos, Garage Labs was established to apply innovative web development solutions across diverse sectors, including CRM, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, and Software.

Links: Facebook and Linkedin

Asimov Consultores

Felipe Mancini and Nicolas Silva founded Asimov Consultores with a vision to improve the world through design and technology. This multidisciplinary company offers digital transformation and consultancy to solve public and private problems by designing unforgettable experiences and technologies.

Links: @Asimovers, Facebook, and Linkedin

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