Leapdroid: Innovative Web Development Solutions from Copenhagen’s Tech Hub

In the thriving tech landscape of Copenhagen, Denmark, several companies are leading the way in web development—and indeed, rewriting the rules of the game. From augmenting reality, to facilitating shared online shopping experiences, to empowering developer productivity, these firms offer an exciting range of services and solutions. This article highlights several such companies, shedding light on their unique propositions, growth story, as well as the people steering their success. 

Besides being an acknowledgment of their contribution to the industry, the piece also serves as a guide for those looking to collaborate, invest in, or simply learn more about Denmark’s web development scenario. The goal is to offer a holistic yet succinct view of each company presented, supplemented by links to their digital footprints for a deeper dive.

Without further ado, let’s explore the vibrant web of innovation spun by these Copenhagen-based companies. 


Hololink is breaking new ground in the intersecting fields of Augmented Reality, EdTech, Internet, Marketing, Software, and Web Development. Founded by Dennis Christensen and Lucas Nygaard, the company offers a platform for developing augmented reality experiences that layer the physical world with digital elements. With its browser-based solution, users can add interactive components to their environment, à la Snapchat lenses, but with a far greater scope for creativity and memorability. The company counts among its clients creators from all corners of the world, who leverage its ingenious, no-code-needed platform to enhance their work. To further connect with Hololink, check its social media profiles: Facebook and LinkedIn.

In the realm of email, IT, internet, software, web development, and web hosting,’s name stands out. Established in 2002 by Jacob Jensen, the company has charted an impressive growth trajectory and is now a Europe-wide leader in domain name provision and web hosting services. With over 1.2 million customers and 2.4 million domains spread across 149 countries,’s success story is truly remarkable. Today, the company is managed by CEO Stephan Wolfram and owned by the private equity fund, Cinven. You can learn more about through its social media: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Mono Solutions

Built on the premise that remarkable online presence shouldn’t be contingent on a hefty budget, Mono Solutions is levelling the playing field for small businesses. Encouraging collaboration between resellers and small business owners, the company offers a range of service models and revenue streams, including Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-With-Me, and Do-It-For-Me. Founded by David W. Højelsen, Louise Lachmann, and René Hedegaard Petersen, Mono Solutions aims to equip businesses with future-proof tech and a top-notch customer experience. Follow them on Twitter and Linkedin to stay updated with their initiatives.

… (I’ll skip a few companies for brevity) …


Ahead is empowering creative individuals to design, share, and publish any rich media content as zooming websites and presentations with unmatched creative liberty. Co-founded by Rasmus Groth and Steen Tromholt, the company’s web application offers an online infinite zooming canvas combined with an InDesign style layout editor, presenting a seamless solution for dynamic content creation.


A leader in the areas of Advertising, CRM, Marketing, SEO, and Web Development, Web-Side is an innovative company that boasts a high-quality and results-oriented output for businesses to generate a large return on their investments. You may want to learn more about Web-Side by visiting their Facebook page as well.

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