Leapdroid: Revolutionizing Information Technology from Riverside, California

Leapdroid: Revolutionizing Information Technology from Riverside, California

California’s city of Riverside has fostered a flourishing hub of information technology companies. These innovative institutions drive the progress and development of cutting-edge software applications, surveillance solutions, information systems, and more. Here, we're taking an in-depth look at 11 distinctive organizations—each uniquely contributing to the tech-industry growth in this Pacific State city.

From the GPS device technology of FollowMee to the advanced medical claims processing solutions from Datagenix—these enterprises demonstrate the diverse range of IT specializations present in Riverside. E-Logs Technology is tackling the dynamic trucking industry with their electronic logging device, while IT Retail focuses on producing intuitive point-of-sale software for grocery stores.

Individually, these companies personify the broad spectrum of IT expertise. Collectively, they shine a light on Riverside’s vibrant and rapidly evolving technology sector, creating pioneering software and apps that continuously shape the future.


Founded by Agenor Mafra-Neto, Eamonn Keogh, Leslie Hickle, and Shailendra Singh, FarmSense is at the intersection of electronics, Information Technology, and software. The company is based in Riverside and leverages technology to create a more sustainable farming future. The company actively uses digital connectivity to improve farm management and productivity. Connect with FarmSense on their LinkedIn company page.


Established in 2016 by Erich Ocean, FollowMee has primary functionality as a GPS technology company. Their tracking services extend compatibility with mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. Operating from Riverside, the company delivers GPS solutions that aid in personal, commercial, and even parental tracking needs.

E-Logs Technology

Joel Ledesma founded E-Logs Technology with the vision to revolutionize the freight and trucking industry. The company produces advanced Electronic Logging Devices compliant with Federal regulations, which have replaced the traditional paper logs since December 2017. This development significantly minimized inaccuracies and made logbook entries transparent and efficient—creating healthier working conditions for commercial drivers. Stay updated with E-Logs Technology on Facebook.

IT Retail

Martin Goodwin began IT Retail to deliver premium point-of-sale software for grocery stores. Based in Riverside, the company combines the dynamics of Information Technology, Robotics, and Software to develop superior POS systems that streamline the retail industry. Connect with IT Retail on their Facebook page and LinkedIn account to stay informed about their latest updates.

Homeland Justice Systems

Founded by Joseph Atalla, Homeland Justice Systems is a Consulting, Information Technology, Project Management, and Software company that operates in Riverside. With a passion for blending technology and justice, the company offers comprehensive software solutions that enhance the efficiencies of legal systems. Explore more about Homeland Justice Systems on their LinkedIn page.

United Service Technologies

United Service Technologies, founded by Bob Heidkamp, provides repair and maintenance services for commercial food equipment, mainly addressing the grocery market. From their Riverside location, the company uses innovative methodologies to ensure optimum functionality of commercial food equipment. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Since 2000, Datagenix's goal has been to offer modern technology solutions for Health Care and Benefits Payors. Their ClaimScape Product Suite caters to a broad range of Healthcare professionals. The suite includes a Medical Claims Processing and Benefits Administration system, a Web Access Portal System, and a TPA Dashboard Web Reporting System. Check out their LinkedIn page for more info.

ECS Imaging, Inc

Under the leadership of Jim Pappas, ECS Imaging Inc offers comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Information Technology, and Software solutions. Based in Riverside, the company has state-of-the-art solutions for business efficiency and data management. Companies can also find ECS Imaging, Inc. on LinkedIn.


Oricom operates in Riverside and specializes in Information Services, Information Technology, and Telecommunications. Regardless of the scale or nature of the industry, companies rely on Oricom's modern tech solutions to boost efficiency and profitability. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Riverside-based SecLex aims at tackling Cyber Security problems with their consulting and Information Technology solutions. They work around the clock to provide companies with a safe, secure, and efficient technological environment. Join their ever-growing following on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Under the guidance of Michael Garbade, Riverside County Information Technologies (RCIT) supplies efficient consulting and Information Technology solutions for enterprises of all sizes. RCIT creates a technological culture that catalyzes growth, innovation, and success in businesses.

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