Leapdroid: Rising Star in Sevilla’s Vibrant Software and Apps Scene

Sevilla, the picturesque capital of Andalusia, Spain, isn’t just known for its history and culture. It is also home to dynamic software companies that are making strides in various industries from agriculture to hospitality. This article explores some of these innovative companies that are propelling Sevilla onto the global tech stage.

These companies are not only developing groundbreaking technologies, but also creating valuable job opportunities and contributing to the region’s economic growth. From analytics to big data and artificial intelligence, these tech startups are harnessing their expertise to disrupt traditional industries and solve complex problems.

Despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, these software companies demonstrated resilience and innovation, adapting their solutions and services to the changing market needs. Now, let’s dive into the lineup of Sevilla’s top software companies.


Founded by Pedro Carrillo Donaire and Ricardo Arjona, ec2ce is a significant player in the agriculture sector, providing AI-based decision-making tools to predict and anticipate the productivity, demand, and pricing of agricultural products. With their cutting-edge software analytics and numerical algorithms, they aim to reduce the agriculture industry’s inherent risk. Follow ec2ce on their LinkedIn and @ec2ce Twitter accounts.


Cohosting, founded by Alejandro Cuevas, Alejandro Soria, and Manuel Soria, offers a unique solution in the hospitality industry. Their cloud-based platform allows vacation rental owners to provide personalized services to their guests, earning a commission for every booked service. Find more about Cohosting on their LinkedIn, Facebook and @cohosting_es Twitter page.


Founded by Antonio Bustamante, Carlos Lagares, and Eric Sanchez, CheKin has simplified the process of guest registration for vacation accommodations. Their framework acts as a trusted solution for touristic registration, ensuring compliance with European Union regulations. Get to know more about Chekin through their LinkedIn, Facebook, and @CheKinapp Twitter profile.

Alter Technology

A leader in testing electronic components for high-reliability applications, Alter Technology offers its services to the space, aerospace, and defence sectors worldwide. Check their services out on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and @AlterTechnology Twitter pages.


Auroralabs is making strides in the Information Technology and Mobile Apps industry. To learn more about their work, check out their website, Auroralabs.


ReHand is revolutionizing healthcare with their unique telerehabilitation solution for hand-wrist-fingers segment. Their platform includes scientifically validated exercises and allows healthcare professionals to supervise the progress of their patients. Connect with them on their @HealthinnTech Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

Wellness TechGroup

Founded by David Garcia Ternero and Enrique Villa Crespo, Wellness TechGroup is leading the innovation race in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Cyber Security. Follow them on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and @wellnesstg Twitter accounts.


Ozein is revolutionising the Cloud Computing and Information Technology industries. Explore more about their contributions on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and @Ozein_Cloud Twitter profiles.

Novayre Solutions

Novayre Solutions is the developer behind the Jidoka RPA platform, one of the top-rated RPA software in the world. Visit their website, Novayre Solutions, for more details.

Andalucia Emprende

The Territorial Support Network for Entrepreneurs, managed by Andalucia Emprende, is aiding entrepreneurs and companies in the Andalusian community. Their network of over 200 Centers for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) covers all Andalusian municipalities. Follow their journey on their Facebook and @Aemprende Twitter pages.


Viafisio joins the list as an innovative software company with a focus on mobile apps. Check out their website for more information.

Despite being known for its historical charm, Sevilla is increasingly becoming an important player in the European tech scene. Sevilla-based companies continue to break new ground, proving that the city has much more to offer than just its cultural heritage.

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