Leapdroid: Showcasing Toronto’s Pioneers in the Web Hosting Domain

Leapdroid: Showcasing Toronto’s Pioneers in the Web Hosting Domain

In the bustling heart of Canada’s financial district, Toronto, a diverse range of web hosting companies operate to power the digital world. From ensuring flawless online user experiences to providing indispensable web infrastructure and storage solutions. The importance of these companies often flies under the radar, yet their services are critical for the digital economy. This article highlights the impressive work and far-reaching impacts of some leading web hosting companies headquartered in Toronto.

Toronto’s thriving tech scene has given birth to innovative players in the domain of web hosting. With a surge of e-commerce platforms, an expanding mobile internet market, and an increasing dominance of cloud computing, web hosting companies in Toronto offer a diverse range of services catering to multiple industry needs. Every company mentioned in this article brings its unique flavour of tech innovation to the table, pioneering new trends, adopting futuristic approaches, and providing businesses with efficient and scalable solutions.

With this series, we aim to put a spotlight on the immense contributions of these web hosting masters, showing how they are shaping the internet’s architecture. From providing robust e-commerce solutions to managing WordPress platforms, accelerating mobile services or ensuring flawless online storage, these companies thrive on making digital experiences smoother and better.

A vital player in the field of E-Commerce, Small and Medium Businesses, and Web Hosting is Founded by Cory York and Indrajit Chowdhury, is popular for its “Do It For You” E-Commerce and Website Platform. Aimed at assisting businesses in crafting their online presence, they also have an active presence on Twitter and Facebook.


Specializing in Cloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, Web Development, and Web Hosting, Sitety delivers a cloud-hosted, fully managed WordPress website platform. They offer unlimited WordPress installs for sandboxes, theme/plugin demos, and production websites, blogs, and online stores. Stay tuned on their @sitety Twitter handle for latest updates.


Tucows, founded by Shawn Chittle, is an esteemed name in the domain of Domain Registrar, Email, ISP, Mobile, and Web Hosting. Having operated since 1993, they have significantly contributed to the evolution of the internet. Regarded as the world’s largest wholesale domains registrar, with a burgeoning fiber internet business in the US, Tucows continues to make impressive strides in its domain. Check out their Linkedin and @tucows Twitter handle for more information.


The brainchild of Chris O’Brien and Firat Eren, Softcom is a provider of cloud hosting, email, and business communication services. Its family of internet brands provides a host of solutions from domain names, shared hosting, business email, to online marketing. Softcom can also be found on @softcom on Twitter and on LinkedIn.


Storagepipe, co-founded by Laurence Goldstein and Nolan Anelevitz, specializes in online storage and data protection solutions. The company offers extensive services from backup, recovery, and archives to continuous data protection and email archiving. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn and @storagepipe on Twitter.


For businesses looking for name branding solutions, Namevine can be a game-changer. They help companies, startups, or brands find a domain name and matching social media vanity URLs. Namevine reveals .COM, CCTLD, Twitter profiles, Facebook vanity URLs, Pinterest accounts, and Youtube channel availability in real time. Find them on Twitter: @namevine for more information.


JMG operates in a variety of sectors from Advertising, Publishing, Social Media, and Video to Web Hosting, providing comprehensive solutions to their customers.


Founded by Peyman Aleagha, WebsiteBox offers do-it-all real-estate websites for a one-time $99 fee – the lowest price in the market. WebsiteBox supports IDX (Internet Data Exchange) integration with 265 multiple-listing-service boards throughout the United States and Canada. You can find them on @websitebox on Twitter, on Facebook, as well as on LinkedIn.

Eggs Media

Recognized as one of the top Web Designers in Canada, Eggs Media is known for the innovation, creativity, and technology it brings to the development of websites. They aim to represent brands most satisfactorily and achieve maximum client satisfaction. Check them out on @eggsmedia on Twitter, on Facebook, and LinkedIn for more insights.

TechWyse Internet Marketing

Co-founded by DJ Kennedy, TechWyse Internet Marketing is a Google Analytics Certified company in Toronto with a focus on SEO, web development, and paid advertising. Learn more about them on @TechWyse on Twitter, on Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Cirrus Hosting

Considered as the largest web hosting company in Canada, Cirrus Hosting, based in Ontario, is well-known for their exceptional service. It is renowned for its impressive uptime and was awarded the Top 10 Cloud Hosting provider award in 2012.

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