Leapdroid: Springfield’s IT Powerhouse for Optimized Android Emulator Software

The digital age has seen a rapid increase in the number and variety of businesses in the Information Technology (IT) industry. One of the hot-spots for such companies is Springfield, Virginia, United States. This suburban enclave houses the headquarters of a plethora of companies ranging from innovative startups to major corporations. Focusing on their unique products and services, these entities are driving technological advancement and infusing the community with a vibrant, innovative spirit.

Serving diverse sectors from enterprise software and facility management to cyber-security and cloud computing, these companies are incorporating the latest technological trends like IoT, IIoT, Robotic Automation, CRM, etc., to provide unprecedented solutions. The city of Springfield has become an enviable IT hub offering a conducive environment for companies to innovate, create and grow.

This article is part of a series highlighting such companies that are operating in the Information Technology industry, all headquartered in this bustling city. We’ll provide an overview of each company, including their industry specialty, the innovators behind them, their area of operation and how to reach out to them.

Service Robotics & Technologies

Founded by Evan Sonderegger, Gregory Scott, Karoline Pershell, and Kris Romig, Service Robotics & Technologies (SRT) is a vibrant company at the forefront of Enterprise Software, Facility Management, Information Technology, Janitorial Service, Robotics, Smart Building, and Smart Cities industry. Covering a broad spectrum of IT services, SRT focuses on providing an integrated ecosystem of robotic, IoT, IIoT, and Building Automation to support the facility and campus management industries. More about them can be found on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @srtlabs on Twitter.

Information Innovators

Information Innovators Inc. (Triple-i) was founded by Marie Venable and is located in Springfield, Virginia. As a professional services company, they are dedicated to delivering best-value IT services and solutions through the innovative application of their employees’ experience and state-of-the-art technologies. Offering a range of services including program & project management, security & information assurance, systems design & integration, software and data services, telecommunications consulting, and enterprise architecture support. For further information, you can visit their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @Infoinnovators on Twitter page.


VAE, a leading name in the CRM, Information Technology, Software industry, has its headquarters in Springfield. You can follow-up more about VAE on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @vaeinc on Twitter page.


CSCI, co-founded by Joseph Link, works in Cybersecurity, Hardware, and Information Technology cortex. For more details, you can follow CSCI on their LinkedIn, and @csciva on Twitter page.

Eagle Tech Corp

Corroborated by Eduard Lavilla, Eagle Tech Corp contributes to the Cloud Data Services, Cyber Security, Information Technology industry. More about them can be discovered on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @eagletechcorp on Twitter page.

Rotunda Solutions

Rotunda Solutions provides data analytics and data science consulting services to federal and commercial clients. They also serve as a bridge between government, industry, and academia. Follow up more on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @rotundadata on Twitter page.

Unified Industries Incorporated

Unified Industries Incorporated is operating in the Consulting, Information Technology, Logistics industry. Additional information can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

SHR Consulting Group

SHR Consulting Group, founded by Robert Sanchious, is functional in the Information Services, Information Technology sector. Follow them on their Facebook and LinkedIn page for more updates.

Molina Technologies

Molina Technologies is contributing to the Business Development, Consulting, Information Technology, Software, Web Development industry. You can find more about them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @MolinaTech on Twitter page.


Energetic in the Cloud Computing, Information Technology, Software field, OptfinITy has their base in Springfield. Get to know more about them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @optfinity/ on Twitter page.


PRASAM, LLC, initiated by Gary Soyka, operates in the Consulting, Government, Information Technology industry. For more details, follow up on their LinkedIn page.

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