Emerging Leapdroid, Pioneering Software Innovation from Kentucky’s Tech Hub


The Information Technology sector is undoubtedly one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. This article will spotlight some high-performing companies operating in this sector, specifically those headquartered in Canada, Kentucky, United States. These companies are not only reshaping the IT landscape but are also contributing greatly to their local communities.

The tech scene in Canada, Kentucky has continued to thrive over the years due to the presence of these innovative companies. Ranging from Software Development to Cybersecurity and Web Development, these corporations offer a diverse range of solutions and services designed to solve real-world challenges.

So, let’s delve into learning more about Atomic Kitchens, DevCycle,, PRECICOM Technologies, Lynx Global, Spiisee Software, CodeEye Solutions, Captain Sim, Quick Report Systems, ABS Information Systems Inc., and Trevor Peter Communications Ltd.

Atomic Kitchens

Atomic Kitchens is a renowned food-tech company that leverages the power of technology to revolutionize the food and beverage industry. Founded by Daniel Krimer, Humberto Fischer, Ricardo Donoso, and Rodolfo Palacio Schneider, the company uses data-driven menus and an effective mix of advertising, PR, Branding, and Digital Marketing strategies to maximize sales and improve profit margins for restaurants. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Established by Aaron Glazer, Cobi Druxerman, and Jonathan Norris, DevCycle has notched a spot for itself in the Information Technology industry by offering software and usability testing services. You can visit their Facebook page for more, or connect with them on LinkedIn. is a prominent player in the Web Design and Development industry. Founded by Jonathan Shyman, the company also provides web hosting services. To learn more about their offers, visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

PRECICOM Technologies

PRECICOM Technologies specialize in Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Information Technology, and Mobile Apps. To stay updated on their services, follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Lynx Global

At Lynx Global, financial technology, solutions, and services are personalized for merchants, financial institutions, and other B2B industry partners through integration to its digital payment platform.

Spiisee Software

Spiisee Software is a technological company that specializes in Product Design and Software. Stay updated with their services by visiting their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

CodeEye Solutions

CodeEye Solutions provides advanced offensive & defensive security by deploying some of the world’s top ethical hackers. They also offer risk management services to Legal, Information Technology, and Business Executives. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Captain Sim

Captain Sim is a software development company that specializes in Information Technology. Get to know more about them by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Quick Report Systems

Quick Report Systems specialize in delivering Information Technology solutions and software for task management. Learn more about them by visiting their LinkedIn profile.

ABS Information Systems Inc.

ABS Information Systems Inc. provides managed IT support and ensures that technology is reliable, scalable, and secure for small to mid-sized businesses. To get more updates about their services, follow them on LinkedIn.

Trevor Peter Communications Ltd

Trevor Peter Communications Ltd is a household name in the Advertising and Marketing industry that leverages Information Technology to execute its strategies. You can learn more about their services on their LinkedIn page.


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