Leapdroid: Toronto’s Innovator in Android Applications & Software Solutions

Toronto is quickly becoming a global tech hub, attracting some of the biggest names and brightest minds in the industry. Among the various technological verticals in the city, software and applications development, particularly in the Android ecosystem, is seeing a meteoric rise. This article brings a spotlight on some innovative companies in the Android industry with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

These businesses range from social media and security platforms to mobile applications and digital entertainment companies. Despite their diversity in application, they all share the same passion for innovation and are enthusiastic contributors to the thriving Android ecosystem. Their work impacts millions of users around the globe, allowing ideas and concepts to take flight in the hands of everyday smart device users.

Let’s delve deeper into each of these companies to understand their profile, products, and mission.

Peeks Social

Founded by Isaac Raichyk and Mark Itwaru, Peeks Social is a unique social networking platform that lets users create and share 36-second videos called “keeks”. The Keek mobile app, available in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play, is revolutionizing social media consumption across the Android and iOS platforms. Connect with them on Facebook or @PeeksLive on Twitter.

Qnext Corp

As a leader in the areas of Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, and Information Technology, Qnext Corp, co-founded by Anthony DeCristofaro, offers FileFlex Enterprise. They’ve developed the world’s first remote data access and sharing solution designed on a zero-trust platform. Find out more about them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and @qnextcorp on Twitter.

Pro Angler

Under the able leadership of Kyle Reid, Pro Angler, which was founded in 2011, offers GPS hot spots, pro reports, regulations, weather and tide data with its all-in-one fishing app. They’ve garnered a growing fan base on Facebook, @proanglerfl on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Legal tech start-up Evichat streamlines how organizations collect and manage evidence from text messages and chats. Co-founded by Nilesh Pandey and Puneet Tiwari, JD, they are revolutionizing e-discovery. Stay connected with Evichat on Facebook, @getevichat on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Under the leadership of founders Damian McCabe and Mike Stern, Connected partners with ambitious companies to build digitally transformative products. Their unique integration of design, development, and strategy has led to their recognition as one of Canada’s top employers. Connect with them on Facebook, @connectedio_ on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Cineplex Entertainment

Cineplex Entertainment, Canada’s largest motion picture exhibitor, provides top-tier entertainment offerings. Founded by Ellis Jacob, Garth Drabinsky, Gerald W. Schwartz, and Nat Taylor, they serve around 77 million guests annually. Get in touch with them on Facebook, @CineplexMovies on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


TradeRev, co-founded by Mark Endras and Wade Chia, is leveling the playing field in the automotive industry with its transparent, real-time car auction technology. This tech innovator is available on Facebook, @TradeRev on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Game Hive

Founded by Chris Doan and Mark J.C. Wang, Game Hive is at the forefront of mobile gaming. Their popular titles, including Tap Titans and Beat the Boss, are available on Android and iOS. Catch up with them on Facebook or @GameHive on Twitter.

Clearbridge Mobile

Co-founded by Deepak Chopra and Sanjay Malhotra, Clearbridge Mobile is one of the fastest-growing mobile app companies. They’ve partnered with startups and Fortune 500 companies like Disney, ABC, and The Wall Street Journal. Engage with them on Facebook, @ClrMobile on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Vinay Chopra, Mobiroo offers an ‘All You Can App’ Android app subscription service for top, paid apps and games – Mobiroo Apps On-Demand. To keep up-to-date with them, connect on Facebook, @Mobiroo on Twitter.

Corsac Technologies

Corsac Technologies provides digital solutions for data collections and analysis, custom AR/VR applications, speech recognition, and video streaming. Connect with them on Facebook, @CorsacTechCorp on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Innovation is driving the tech industry in Toronto, and collectively, these companies continue to shape the landscape of the Android ecosystem. Stay tuned to our magazine to get more insights into the world of Android software and application development in Toronto, Canada.

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