Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Innovation in Valencia’s Tech Landscape

Valencia, a beautiful city on the southeastern coast of Spain, is well known for its City of Arts and Sciences. However, in recent years, Valencia has also been making a name for itself in the world of computer tech. Today, we will take a closer look at the top tech companies headquartered in Valencia.

Each of these companies are revolutionising their markets and showcasing the innovation and talent found in Spain’s tech industry. They operate in various spheres like gaming, 3D technology, B2B solutions, artificial intelligence, and cloud data services. Despite their differences, they have one thing in common: they have chosen the vibrant city of Valencia to set up their base of operations.

Here’s a snapshot of these trailblazing companies:


Founded by Francisco José Martinez and Zacarias Gomez, Codigames is pioneering the world of mobile gaming. With a variety of popular games to its credit including Empires of Sand and Clans Arrive to Empires, the team at Codigames is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mobile gaming.


A leader in 3D Technology, PhotonicSens is enabling next-generation depth perception experiences. Co-founders Ann Whyte and Jorge Blasco believe that depth perception plays a key role in the development of mobile devices and the IoT.


Solving the e-commerce woes of fashion renting businesses, NEWE offers top-notch software solutions. Founders Pablo Candau and Ramón Borruel introduce Clothify, a rental e-commerce software for B2B fashion renting services.


At Mybrana, major advancements are being made in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and computer vision. Founded by Mikel Diaz de Otazu, this company is taking advertising to a whole new level with AR campaigns.

Tyris Software

Specializing in high quality solutions in the fields of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Services, Tyris Software is leading the pack. Founders David Monzó, Haritz Gartzia, Héctor Montaner and Javier Oliver Moll are the individuals driving this innovative tech company.


Sciling leverages Artificial Intelligence to create value for its clients.Founders Germán Sanchis-Trilles and Vicent Alabau are passionate about developing AI solutions that align with business strategies.


Ingame, an Android application designed by Alejandro Carrillo Ramirez, Alvaro Zorrilla Rodriguez, and Juan Garcia, facilitates connection amongst gamers. Users enter their nickname and Ingame takes care of the rest.


Reinventing online shopping in the fashion industry, founders James Brenton and Jose Peris Adsuara have created an app that calculates sizes based on a user’s selfie. Driven by Computer Vision and Big Data, Tailor is changing the online fashion shopping experience.


Created by Lucas Salinas and Pablo Rodrigo, Trazable is a tool that provides a digital register of a product’s journey. From the farm to the dining table, Trazable records it all, making it a great solution for the food processing industry.

Kimera Technologies

Founded by Alberto Castillo, Carles Igual, Jorge Igual, and Luis Morgan, Kimera Technologies is a Computer Vision company offering a range of productivity tools.


Last, but not least, Dygma is an incredible tech company specializing in hardware and consumer electronics. With awesome products to their claim, they’re a name to watch in the hardware industry.

These brilliant tech companies showcase not just the talent and innovation in Valencia, but also its potential to grow and groom the tech leaders of the future. Valencia is indeed a city to watch in the world of tech and digital innovation.

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