Leapdroid: Transformative Software Innovations from Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario, has emerged as a thriving hub for software companies in Canada. With a burgeoning tech ecosystem and supportive business environment, Hamilton is proving to be a fertile ground for companies specializing in the software and apps industry. In this article, we will spotlight some of the notable Hamilton-based software companies.

The rich diversity of these companies mirrors the broad spectrum of industries in which software plays a critical role. From healthcare to property management, the application of software tech is revolutionizing traditional norms and processes. The impact of these companies extends beyond the borders of Hamilton, as they deliver innovative solutions to a global client base.

The dynamic nature of the software industry necessitates a business model that embraces creativity, transformation, and disruption. These Hamilton-based software companies embody these principles in their quest to push the boundaries of possibilities in the world of technology.


VoxNeuro, co-founded by Kimberly Elliot, is a unique fusion of healthcare, medical device, and software technology. The company is revolutionizing brain health, devising brain-based biomarkers to assess cognitive function. They are dedicated to providing inquiries and assistance through phone and email. Check them out on @voxneuro and Facebook.


Weever, founded by Andrew Holden, Robert Gerald Porter, and Steve McBride, is a trailblazing company offering process, electronic form, and inspection software. They focus on digitizing the paperwork involved in manufacturing. Connect with Weever on @weeverapps, Facebook and Linkedin.


ExoTech, the brainchild of Peter Warren, is a company that focuses on software and data architecture designed to enhance personal functionality. This establishment deals primarily with architecture and information technology software.


MesoMat is an innovative company co-founded by Kari Dalnoki-Veress, Paul Fowler, and Sukhbir Kalirai. It has developed plastic-based fibres that function as sensors to monitor material systems. The company is active on @MesoMat_Inc and Linkedin.


Founded by Alastair Jenkins, GeoDigital has been offering geospatial information management solutions for over 20 years. Follow them on @GeoDigitalInc and Linkedin.

QReserve Inc.

QReserve is a resource management platform established by Alfredo Capretta, Brandon Aubie, Dan Wallace, and Graeme Brown. It offers resource discovery, booking, and reporting for thousands of users daily. You can engage with them on @qreserve and Linkedin.

My Stroke Team (MyST)

My Stroke Team (MyST) is an app designed to improve the coordination of care for stroke survivors and their families. It’s an initiative by McMaster University which you can follow on @mcmasteru and Facebook.

Aimer Development

Aimer Development is paving the way for artificial general intelligence in agriculture. They are accessible via their Linkedin profile.


Mobistream, the brainchild of Jason Musyj and Nick Scozzaro, focuses on IoT and software solutions. Connect with them on @mobistrm and Linkedin.

Forex Fury

Forex Fury, founded by Patrick Ryan, is a renowned Forex robot. It uses a time-restricted scalping approach. Engage with them on @forexfury, Facebook and Linkedin.

InFlow Machine Learning

InFlow, a cloud-based platform founded by Daniel Wolff, Jacoby Joukema, and Mikhail Andrenkov, offers detailed reports on people’s movement within a facility. It utilizes cloud computing and security infrastructure for accurate measurements.

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