Stop Vishing – CallApp Is Here To Make It Happen

It’s time to stop Vishing (pun completely intended) and CallApp is here to make that really happen! If you’re not yet familiar with the term Vishing, then you are one seriously lucky fellow. Although we’re quite confident that it’s only a matter of time before you come across this overly common scam. Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but someone has to do it, and it’s for your own good, to help you prevent falling for this scam. So what exactly is Vishing?

Vishing is similar to phishing, although it takes place on the phone, rather than over the internet. The idea behind this malicious practice is that phone calls or voice messages are left in order to lead innocent people into sharing their personal information (phishing is generally done through emails). This, of course, isn’t out of interest in these people’s lives, but rather into their credit card details, bank information, social security number, etc. in order to take advantage of them, and get as much out of innocent people as possible.

The word vishing sounds similar to ‘fishing’ because these scammers are in a way holding out bait for their victims to jump on that’s hard to resist – you are their fish swimming in the sea, and they are starving for you. They often present themselves as a trustworthy organization that has your best interests at heart, as a government agency, medical center or bank. But they, of course, have everything but your best interests in mind here. At the same, unfortunately, as part of human nature – we tend to fall for these types of scams, no matter how well educated we may be. Sometimes, these scams are bigger than us, and these people know far too well what they’re doing.

So how in the world does CallApp stop Vishing? Good question, and that’s exactly why we’re here writing this article!

CallApp protects you against these types of scams in a variety of ways, starting by providing the most advanced Caller ID technology out there. This technology, using an AI, hierarchy based algorithm, together with the world’s largest phone number database, is capable of identifying and verifying billions upon billions numbers across the globe, ensuring that you (really) always know who’s calling. In turn, you’ll never fall victim to a vishing scam again, and can be confident that who you think you’re speaking to, is really who you’re speaking to! While it might seem to be something obvious, in today’s day in age, it really isn’t, with scammers capable of doing far more than ever before.

The app also allows you to block numbers and recognize numbers as a scam (as reported by others as part of a community effort). What this means is that you’re not only already less likely to receive a call from a ‘Visher’ without knowing, but you’re also able to prevent certain numbers from calling you in the first place, especially if you’ve already heard from there in the past. To make a long story short, CallApp covers you from all angles, and is working around the clock to constantly keep up with the scams out there.

It’s surely still important to be aware of the dangers out there and to never provide personal information over the phone or the internet, unless it’s a friend or family member that you really trust and are completely sure that you’re not being fooled. However, we’re grateful for the existence of CallApp, helping hundreds of millions of people worldwide have a better night’s sleep. Protect yourself, protect your loved ones, download CallApp now – it’s even free!

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