TikTok Influence on Marketing

People throughout the world daily use diverse social media sites and the number of such sites is not that small. Although some sites are very popular and highly used, there is still great competition between them. TikTok is not an exception and now it also competes with its rivals. TikTok is a short video-based social media platform that is going up with its popularity and trends. Nowadays TikTok has become the second most famous social media site after Instagram. Several surveys show that in 2021 there are 68 % of marketers utilizing Tiktok as an influencer marketing platform. Professionals from different spheres are now on Tiktok running their companies’ or personal pages. Every day you scroll TikTok to see various trends and lifestyles of famous TikTokers. So, anyway you will open the app and spend time there. Why not learn something new from it?

In this article, we will discuss the experience of 3 professions on TikTok; graphic designers’, SMM specialists’ and blockchain expert’s TikTok campaigns.

Graphic designers on Tiktok

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced graphic designer or a beginner you will find the needed material on TikTok for everyone. There are a lot of famous and creative graphic designers, who will teach you lots of new things and this process will be interesting and attractive. Margherita Vox for example can help you If you are interested in Adobe Illustrator. She creates wonderful tutorials who want to advance his or her skills. Swoop Nebula will give you crucial tricks of creating the best posters, as his posters are used in various world-famous companies. Jenna Palermo will help you to succeed as she motivates you and helps you with lots of new professional points. Other very famous and creative users complete very useful work by teaching others new things. The ads of various tools can be found on their pages. Graphic designers use various random shape generators for creating better-looking, shining, colorful shapes.

SMM specialists on TikTok

SMM specialists are now bombing TikTok with their educational and trendy videos as they understand the great role of TikTok in today’s marketing. They upload short but effective educational video tutorials for learning something new in the SMM sphere. Some of them have classes too and this is a great platform for finding students via TikTok. Video tutorials of such pages will help to improve your product development on various social media platforms. Simple tricks found on Tiktok are very important in making reliable Instagram story ideas, as Instagram has become the leading social media site of the 21st century. So, don’t forget to follow some pages on TikTok which you will prefer of course for learning more and more about branding, advertising, and other crucial points of SMM.

Blockchain experts on Tiktok

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular as the digital world has become simpler and understandable for many people in the world. People gain lots of money in the sphere of mining and many of them even earn millions or billions in front of their laptops. Litecoin is one of the most affordable and trustworthy cryptocurrencies in today’s crypto market. Bitcoin is one the most famous in the market. Litecoin and other profitable types of digital money are presented on TikTok too. There are many more blockchain and cryptocurrency pages on TikTok, that you need to follow to be up to date and learn more new things. One of the most famous accounts is Performante that provides you with the trading information of various cryptos. GirlGoneCrypto is one of the best-known names in the crypto world and her TikTok account is also very famous with lots of useful stuff and many followers. BitBoy Crypto, known as one of the famous crypto names on YouTube has now a TikTok account. Thus, following some blockchain experts on TikTok won’t do you any harm except for being informed and up to date about many details of your chosen cryptocurrency.

Summing up, we should claim that TikTok is now very popular in any field, and not only do various teenagers use TikTok for trends and fame, but also serious companies and professionals for their personal development and glory.

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